CASH FOR YOUR OLD EQUIPMENT can buy your old commercial laundry equipment at competitive CASH prices.

If you need to dispose of your old commercial laundry equipment, ask us about our Money4Machines programme.

We are interested in ALL makes and models of machines. Commercial washers, dryers, hydros and ironers are worth MONEY to you and we pay much more than scrap value for them!

What's more, our Money4Machines programme includes free disconnection and removal of your old equipment and where required we will cap off services, remove any redundant services and leave your laundry clean and tidy. Saving you time, hassle and money.

What happens to my old equipment? Here at we recycle parts for export, we recondition some machines worth saving and the rest of the parts go to scrap metal merchants, not landfill!

If you are buying new or used commercial laundry equipment from us, we can implement our Money4Machines programme as part of the  business solution we implement for you. You will get a true cash value for your old machines in isolation from the purchase price of your replacement equipment.

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