You will have heard of equipment that is “second hand”, “used”, “refurbished” or “reconditioned”, only at LaundryStuff will you find the Reborn brand.

Our exclusive Reborn range of equipment has been completely remanufactured by us to the highest of standards.

Every machine that qualifies for the Reborn branding has been through a multi-stage rebuild process that includes:

  • New Bearings/Rollers
    Moving parts in your machine rely on bearings and rollers to operate smoothly. Over time these wear and can result in excess noise. Eventually they'll fail, and can cause widespread damage to other components throughout your machine.
  • New Belts
    Drive belts turn drums and power parts throughout the machine. Belts are typically made of rubber, which will wear and eventually break.
  • New Seals & Gaskets
    Seals and gaskets are critical where pressure and water is involved and are all replaced as standard.
  • New Heating Elements
    Heating elements don't last forever and can be expensive and awkward to replace. These are critical to the operation of the machine and are all replaced as standard.
  • New Inlet Valves
    Where water enters the machine is often a cause of failure - simply replacing the inlet valves ensures can help prevent failure.
  • New Suspension/Dampers
    Commercial laundry equipment is very heavy and powerful when operating, so the drum has a complex suspension system to minimise vibrations and movement. Key suspension components are replaced to ensure the machine remains smooth and quiet to operate.
  • New Drain Valve/Pump
    A clean drain valve and fully-operational drain pump will ensure that your machine finishes it's cycle fully and efficiently. 
  • Full Electrical Testing
    To ensure the machine operates correctly, our qualified electricians perform component-level testing for functionality and your safety.
  • Full Mechanical Component Testing
    Any moving parts are fully tested and quality checked before the machine is given it's first operation as a Reborn machine. 
  • Load and Stress Use Testing
    Reborn machines are fully tested under normal operational conditions, as well as tested to their load and capacity limits to ensure we're completely satisfied.
  • Full Clean & Valet
    Finally... no machine leaves our warehouse without a full clean and pro valet. It's all part of the service.

Only then are we happy to certify a machine as LaundryStuff Approved Reborn!