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Electrolux C240R Hydro Extractor

  • Suspended construction for low noise level
  • R-models with fixed drum for use in laundrettes, ships and oil-rigs.
  • Security devices for lid and drum rotation for improved user safety.

Electrolux C260R Hydro Extractor

  • High G-factor for extremely high dewatering ability and improved drying economy
  • Suspended constructing for low noise level
  • Interchangeable voltage
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About our Hydro Extractors

Our range of Commercial Hydro Extractors are an alternative and highly efficient way to improve your laundry system. Through extracting the optimum amount of water from your washed items, the amount of drying required can be greatly reduced, saving time. energy and money. are able to supply Hydro Extractors in a range of sizes and for varying budgets, meaning we can supply the machine that will work best for you.