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Schulthess Spirit industrial WMI 220 Industrial Washing Machine

  • Load capacity 22 kg
  • G factor 447
  • 72 profiClean programmes
  • 12 Wet-Clean programmes
  • 10 disinfection programmes

Schulthess Spirit industrial WMI 300 Industrial Washing Machine

  • Load capacity 30 kg
  • G factor 403
  • 72 profiClean programmes
  • 12 Wet-Clean programmes
  • 10 disinfection programmes

Electrolux W5180N Commercial washing machine


  • 20KG Capacity
  • Bespoke Equine Programs
  • Large Door Opening
  • Robust Construction 

Ipso HC165C Commercial Washing Machine

  • 16kg (35 lb) capacity
  • High Spin
  • Gravity Drain
  • 415v 3 Phase or 240 Single Phase
  • Fully Serviced

Primus RX 180 Commercial Washing Machine

  • Rigid mounted, normal spin, 100 G-factor 
  • Stainless steel top panel, front panel & Anthracite grey side panels
  • Stainless steel drum and tub
  • Xcontrol- easy to use microprocessor 
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About our Horse Rug Washing Machines is one of the leading suppliers of horse rug washing machines. Our range of horse rug washing machines includes single phase washers, three phase washers and also commercial dryers suitable for horse rug and equine laundry services. With first hand experience of running our own equine laundry, we have a complete understanding of everything associated with horse rug laundering and are able to help you find the best solution possible.


To ensure we offer our horse rug washing machine customers the complete solution they require,  we have developed bespoke EQ Wash© and EQ Sluice© horse rug washing programs for use on our range of new Electrolux commercial washing machines, these unique programs are specifically designed for equine laundry use and provide great results.


The EQ Wash© and EQ Sluice© system features tried and tested bespoke program steps to ensure optimum results when laundering horse rugs. These programs are only available on new Electrolux commercial washing machines supplied by us for equine use, this program does not come on standard machines and is a service that only offers.


What’s more, our machines prove that it's a myth that to wash horse rugs you just need a "big machine", horse rug washing is specialised, you need to have the right wash cycles to do the job properly. We have perfected our approach to washing horse rugs and believe the system we advocate to be the best around.


Plus, if you purchase a new Electrolux commercial washing machine from us for equine use, we will provide the EQ Wash© and EQ Sluice© programs FREE OF CHARGE!